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Laser Anti-Aging

Laser Anti-Aging

Curious About Laser Anti-Aging And What It Is?

Stretch marks can happen because of fast weight gain especially during pregnancy. Skin stretches faster than the collagen and fiber levels, leading to whitish/pinkish to grey colored lines on our body (depending on individual skin tone).

Stretch marks can appear on most body parts where the skin has been stretched. Commonly affects areas where more fat is stored, such as the belly, breasts, thigh and buttock.

LYC Clinic offers a solution for it using a trending new laser technology. Laser energy micro beams will penetrate the deep skin layers to break down the stretch marks in small areas, triggering the growth of new collagen fibres over the affected area. Skin will heal naturally with NO DOWNTIME.

Treatment duration is less than 30 minutes and is dependent on the size of the affected area. Patients will be able to get back to their normal daily routine immediately post treatment. Visible results after 1 session!

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